safety plan

Important Items to Keep in a Safe Place:

  • Identification: Driver License, passport, card, Social Security, Birth Certificate, birth certificate, refugee cards CASH, Jewelry, Credit Cards.
  • Take Pics – send to secret email/friend

Safety During a Violent Incident

  • Stay away from the kitchen (the abuser can find weapons, like knives..)
  • Go to a room with a door or window to escape
  • Get to a room with a phone to call for help; lock the abuser outside if you can
  • Take pictures of bruises or injuries

Safety & Children

  • Teach them not to get in the middle of a fight, even if they want to help.
  • Teach them how to get to safety, call 911, give your address to the police.
  • Teach them who to call for help (trusted friend, family, etc).
  • Make sure that the children know who to tell at school if they see the abuser.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Domestic Abuse

  • DV calls to local agencies and shelters have increased during this pandemic.
  • There has seen a great increase in police referrals to the hotline as officers respond to domestic violence incidents in Milwaukee County.
  • Coronavirus has led to rising unemployment, which adds to anxiety and limits financial options.
  • From March to September 2020, more than 6.5 Million Wisconsin residents have filed for unemployment. During the same period of time last year there were 7,654 filings for unemployment.
  • No matter the situation — quarantine or not — people in an abusive relationship should have a SAFETY PLAN and be prepared to take action to save themselves and their children.
  • People seeking temporary restraining orders (TRO) can now file electronically.